Seth and Sandy’s Sport Segment: Multimedia Production Degree

Seth Ross and Jared Sandy host their own radio segment called Seth and Sandy’s Sport Segment, which airs every Monday morning from 10:30-11:30am. They broadcast their show from the lower floor in the WVCU FM Studio of the Marsh Library. The station’s technological equipment consists of two Mac computers, a mixing table, several microphones and up to date audio/visual equipment. Seth and Jared are both earning their Multimedia Communications degree here at Concord University. Seth has expressed:

Seth Ross

Ross and Sandy both enjoy watching, and discussing sports on the daily, and came to the conclusion, why not start a radio show together? So, if you love sports like these two guys, you should give their show a listen on Monday mornings. 

I was able to ask Seth Ross a few questions about their sports segment. Seth expressed his love for sports and radio, he stated:

Seth Ross

Seth also expressed that this degree is “so diverse” and “you can do so much with it” as well. He expressed that, “Especially with ever evolving technology, this degree is great.” Technology is growing every day, year, and decade. Therefore, there is always something new to learn about radio, editing, broadcasting, television, and media as a whole. 
Seth explained to me how they prepare for their segment. He said that:

Seth Ross

Their segment is aired on the WVCU Mountain Lion FM Radio on 97.7 FM. The university radio station serves the campus community and the surrounding area. The station’s content is created by a combination of students, professors, university staff and community members. The WVCU station offers music, sports, news and more. It is overseen by the University Board of Governors and the Technology Services Department. The university radio station is programmed and operated by the faculty, staff, and students in the Communications Department.  

By enrolling into the Multimedia Production major, you will have the opportunity to be on WVCU FM Radio. Concord offers a variety of courses that set you on the path for a successful career in radio, broadcasting, editing, writing, journalism, sportscasting, and web design. Concord University offers the following classes: Multimedia Writing, Social Media Production, Audio Production, Video Field Production, and Graphic Design to name a few. Each of these classes will allow you to learn as you grow your technology and media skills. As it states on the Concord Communications Web Page, each and every organization needs to promote themselves and you could be the one that makes them stand out.

by Emma Landolfo

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