Saw X Brings Horror Back to Life

This week saw the release of two movies that came out on Friday. Saw X and Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie was released in theaters to everyone this week. However, since we are 29 days (about 4 weeks) away from Halloween, it feels right to watch a scary horror movie like Saw X as well as help ease people back into the scary realm of horror movies. When asked about horror movies, Ross Cline said this:

Ross Cline

Saw X is the tenth installment of the Saw franchise, which follows the life of the fictional character, John Krammer (who is played by Tobin Bell) seeking justice in various deadly traps by punishing those who wronged him and others. This installment takes place after the events of the first movie, Saw, and before the sequel. Not only that, but the film also sees the return of past characters like Amanda (played by Shawnee Smith) and Mark Hoffman (played by Costas Mandylor). 

The story of this film sees John Krammer getting back at con-artists for swindling him out of the medical treatment that he needed to cure his cancer. The movie’s visuals are wonderful to look at no matter what the scene is about. The film also does a marvelous job in showing the brutality of the traps in the game whether the effects are practical or digital. The Saw franchise is known for its traps which see the wrongdoers’ sacrificing limbs and or lives to save their own lives. Ross Cline of the student body had to say this about the franchise:

Ross Cline

Saw X is available to see at local movie theaters near you.

by Kaleb Watson

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