Mastering Midterms at Concord University

Photo by Kobe Nave, CU Student, Class of 2024

As midterms loom on the academic horizon at Concord University, the stakes are high for students striving to excel in their exams. To guide you through this crucial phase, we have sought expert advice from Beth Sampson, the Academic Coordinator at Concord University’s Student Support Services. Drawing from her academic experience, Sampson has shared her top three study tips for midterms, aimed at optimizing study efforts and achieving academic success.

1. Studying the Right Material

Beth Sampson emphasizes the necessity of focusing on the correct study material, a fundamental but often overlooked aspect of successful studying. She urges students to align their study efforts with the exam content by utilizing available resources.

Beth Sampson

She stresses the importance of re-reading textbook chapters or notes listed on the syllabus and engaging in discussions with classmates to understand their expectations regarding the exam.

Students are warned against wasting precious study time on irrelevant topics, as Sampson notes:

Beth Sampson

This is a critical piece of advice. Wasting time on non-applicable study is a common pitfall of students unfamiliar with midterms.

2. Strategic Time Management and Study Sessions

A common challenge among students is an underestimation of the time required for thorough study preparation. To tackle this, Sampson advocates for prudent time management and a well-structured study plan:

Beth Sampson

She emphasizes the value of seeking guidance from successful peers or tutors to optimize study time and maximize comprehension.

3. Tailoring Your Study Routine and Environment

Recognizing the individuality of study preferences, Sampson encourages students to tailor their study routines and methods to align with their learning styles. She emphasizes the importance of identifying optimal study times, study techniques, and conducive study environments. Sampson prompts students to reflect on their preferred study approaches.

Beth Sampson

Sampson also provides advice on the study environment, cautioning against excessive comfort while studying. “Ideally, you want to be comfortable, but not too comfortable,” she says. She suggests creating a distraction-free space and incorporating short breaks to maintain focus and productivity.

In embracing these vital steps—aligning study efforts with exam content, efficient time management, and personalizing study routines—students at Concord University are poised to excel during midterms. The counsel provided by Beth Sampson serves as a compass, guiding students towards success in navigating the academic challenges that midterms present. Armed with this expert guidance, students can approach their exams with confidence and a structured approach, setting the stage for triumph. 

by Josiah Smith

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