Concord Looks to Find Their Identity

Concord University dropped its first three football games in the young season. Despite their early struggles, Head Coach Brian Ferguson is confident the wins will come. Ferguson understands that his young team is in the midst of finding their stepping, or identity as he puts it.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and as the struggles are real, they won’t last forever.

Brian Ferguson

The hardship is happening on both sides of the ball. Concord’s defense is allowing on average 52 points a game, while the offense has only mustered 17 points a game. The long ball has been the thorn in the side of the young defense, but it is steadily improving.

Brian Ferguson

 Following the subpar performances, Ferguson is encouraged by what he has seen recently.

Brian Ferguson

When it comes to offense, chemistry is key. With such a young group, especially up front, it is understandable why this offense hasn’t lived up to its standard. The main piece to this offense is the veteran of the group, senior quarterback Jack Mangel.

The Harlon Hill trophy watchlist finalist has also found himself in a slump, throwing for more interceptions than touchdowns thus far. However, this is certain to change with the offensive group finding its footing last week, scoring 27 points. Mangle himself threw for over 270 yards and had 3 touchdowns.

The offense was sparked by sixth-year running back Kris Copeland, who had two touchdowns last week. Ferguson expects big things from Copeland moving forward.

Brian Ferguson

Getting their first victory will not be easy this week, as Concord takes the nearly 4-hour trip north to face Wheeling. Winning two of their first 3 games on the season, Wheeling is led by their high-powered offense which has averaged 31 points a game thus far.

Coach Ferguson has made this trip before, a short two years ago when Concord would lose 14-15. He will use that experience to prepare his guys for the week.

Brian Ferguson

Concord will look to turn around their season on Saturday, September 23, at 12:00 p.m.

by Seth Ross

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