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Though the vibrant expansive Mass Communications Degree it is now, there was a time where in fact the Department was underground, niche, very little was even known of the departments location or its ability. The underground major  was fully equipped with a radio and tv station. This article takes a dive into the history of the Comm. Department as well as its various teachers and students.

My story begins in 2019 not knowing what I wanted to study in, I declare myself a history major, though my love for history kept me going I lacked a certain passion for the material. This is when my advisor suggested a brand new degree, Broadcasting: With an emphasis in Journalism, my first class was field and production taught by William Bailey. I edited my first news package and I was hooked. Also produced under my supervision was ‘Ross and Julian In The Evening,’ a short lived talk show about Concord Students available to watch on YouTube (video at the end of this article).

Ross and Julian

Though the William Bailey era lasted for nearly a decade I feel it necessary to rewind the clock even further with Dr. Hoffman’s Seven. Yes that’s right, at one time there were only seven students enrolled in the communication program.

When reaching out to fellow Concord alumnus Cameron White he remarked about his time spent as one of Hoffman’s seven:

Cameron White

When asked about Hoffman’s teaching style White said:

Cameron White

White refers to the Mountaineer Minute a short lived series on YouTube that was completely produced in the tv studio under the library. Dr. Hoffman returned to his home of New York sometime before 2017.

With White being the last of Hoffmans seven to graduate, we move forward into the era of William Bailey, a decades long career in the news industry, led Bailey to teach at Concord University. With the departure of Cory Williams, a faculty member who was a major contributor to the Communication department, there was a shift in staff, with William Bailey taking on a more Advisement role. When reaching out to a fellow classmates Hannah Pucket she had this to say:

Hannah Pucket

Mr. Bailey also led a hand with me getting my first opportunity in the news industry.

As time marches we find ourselves in the present day, with a resurgence of young energy enticed by the rebranding of the broadcasting department, into the MultiMedia studies program. 

With that comes a new host to the studies, Larry Marrs, a news photographer fresh out of the news industry had this to say:

Larry Marrs

When asked what would be the best advice to give to this new generation of journalists he remarked:

Larry Marrs

Josiah Smith and Kinsley Mankin (2023)
Larry Marrs, Concord Professor

by Ross Cline

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