The Art of History

Concord University, 9/4/2023: Last Week on August 31st, 2023, I was able to attend a very special art gallery event. This art gallery focused on the history of Black History Month. The exotic pieces or art were both colorful and unique to stare at. Not only that, but this exhibit also hosts the sad reality of racism in America through the guide. This gallery was done by Arthur Butcher and was hosted throughout the week for everyone to see it. 

The picture you see above you is called “Show Me Where They Hurt You”. This exhibit is done through makeshift dolls all of which are opposite of the color white. According to the guide, the dolls are meant to show what The Black American scars are like when it comes to systemic racism and white supremacy. He references real life tragedies like Breonna Taylor, Emmett Till and George Floyd. He also explains to the reader how when he was walking to art class in Highschool and was spit on as well called the N-word. Why did he bring this up in case you’re wondering? Because the point of this piece was to not hide racism as if it never happened, but instead talk about it with others as well as seek help for it. 

This art gallery was very well crafted and executed with perfection. I also think James Biggs and Concord University deserve credit for allowing Arthur Butcher to display his art as well as tell his story. Arthur used his emotions as an art pallet to tell the dark story of racism. This gallery addresses the problems that Racism holds on the Black American Community as well as how it affects everyone. Arthur Butcher started this conversation, now it’s up to us to continue the word “Racism is horrible, and we have to stop the spread for the better of the country and everyone”.

by Kaleb Watson

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