Daniel Rahama Clutches A Professional Contract in Portugal

Lual Daniel Rahama signed a Professional contract with the SC Lusitania professional men’s basketball team in Portugal. Rahama was a key player on the court for the Concord University Mountain Lions basketball team. Things are warming up in Portugal for the preseason of the LCB (Liga Portuguesa de Basquetebol). 

As a six foot five forward from Virginia, Rahama played basketball for the Mountain Lions for 2 seasons. As a Forward on the court, he earned 3 titles: CCA Second Team All-Region, All-MEC First Team, and All-MEC Tournament Team within the 2022-23 season. In the 2023-24 men’s basketball season for Concord University, he played 29 games and scored 34 three pointers out of 83 chances. His free throw records from the foul line improved to an 88 out of 121 shots. His previous year showed a 43-72 record from the foul line. He also boosted his rebound stats for the 2022-2023 season with an impressive showing of 296 rebounds. He averaged 34.3 points per game during his last season at Concord. 

SC Lusitania is a part of the LPB (Liga Portuguesa de Basquetebol) League in Portugal. The 2023-24 season kicks off on September 23rd at 2:00pm against Imortal Albufeira. SC Lusitania is 3 for 13 against Imortal Albufeira. Imortal Albufeira won 13 out of 32 games in the 22-23 basketball season and they ranked 10th in the LPD league. Rahama looks to make a huge impact this upcoming season on the court for SC Lusitania in hopes of helping them to gain a winning season. This is the first in a series of 22 games for the FC Lusitania men’s professional basketball team.  

Nuno Rodrigues has been at the helm of the FC Lusitania men’s professional basketball team since the 2020-2021 season. Since then, SC Lusitania has held the sixth-place title in the LPB with a record of 12 wins and 22 losses in their previous season and they have held at sixth place in the league for three seasons straight beginning with Rodrigues’s hiring.  A major improvement was realized from the season before when he was named the head coach.  

The FC Lusitania basketball team was sitting in tenth place before Rodrigues was hired to coach the SC Lusitania team.  

With having Ramaha and many other talented basketball players on the court for SC Lusitania, it should be a very exciting season to follow. They play a total of 22 regular season games kicking off on September 23rd and ending on April 27th, 2024. You can keep up with the 2023-24 SC Lusitania basketball season at: https://basketball.realgm.com/international/league/83/Portuguese-LPB/team/1163/SC-Lusitania/schedule 

Many congratulations to Daniel Rahama on signing a professional contract and we all wish him the best of luck in Portugal.

Emma Landolfo – Sportswriter

Angra do Heroismo, Portugal

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