A New Generation of Volunteers

September 9th, 2023 marks the first day of a three-day period of community service. This event is known as “University 100 Service Day.” This event sees students from the University 100 class as well as Bonner Scholars working together to better understand what community service as well as help the campus community. This event is three days separately. Those days been September 16 and September 26.

The students were given 3 leaders from the Bonner Program as well as general task. The task can range from Football Stadium Cleanup to prepping for The Halloween Walk that is hosted by the Bonner Scholarship. Kathy Ball and Peyton Brown, the duo in charge of the Bonner Scholarship were pleased to have all the students help around the college campus as well as the students help around the world via virtually. Through solving easy problems on the website known as BeanBeanBean.com this website has users donate beans to those around the world by solving basic math problems. Overall, this website is crucial to fighting hunger in the world.

The First Day of University 100 Service Day had an amazing outcome. With only two days left for the students to complete their volunteer service. Hopefully the students will be passionate and willing to help those in need and make their home away from home a better place. This reporter can only hope that the next couple of days are as successful as this one was. This reporter also would like to say thank you for making the university grounds better for everyone.

by Kaleb Watson

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