Donuts for Donations

ATHENS, W. Va. – This Thursday, April 21, 2022 a donut truck will be on campus to provide donuts to the students, faculty, and staff in coordination with a group of students raising funds for the university’s food pantry.

Flavors range from their best seller, the cinnamon sugar, to flavors like fruity pebbles, cookies and cream, strawberry crunch and much more. Prices range from an offer of three donuts for four dollars, five donuts for six dollars, and a bucket of donuts which range from 12 to 14 donuts for 10 dollars.

“Francie’s Sweets are going to be in front of the Students Center from 8am to 1pm selling donuts April 21st, I think students will really enjoy this, and it benefits not only the student getting a donut but the money that student spends is directly helping other students who could really need the help,”

Jared Sandy, Group Leader

“Our main goal is to raise money for the food pantry and to help underprivileged CU students who are in dire need of food or other essential items”.

Jared is the leader of one of two groups put together by Dr. Cory Williams as a part of his Communication in the Organization class.

Students enrolled in Dr. William’s communication in the organization class are tasked with working together in two groups, simulating the experience of working in an organizational setting. The goal of the assignment is to create fundraisers to raise money to help the campus community.

“This is one of the rare assignments that I know of where an entire half of the class (9-13 Students) works together on a project. This helps students learn about the processes in organizational communication since they have to be divided into smaller groups to manage the project effectively.”

Dr. Cory Williams

Additionally, he had this to say in closing: “The best part is the students help out two really great organizations on campus—the Gap Fund and the Food Pantry—while learning about organizational communication in a hands-on way.”

by Brandon Roberts

 Photo by NajlaCam on Unsplash

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