Five Ideas for a Budget Date Night

If you have a significant other, you know how expensive dating can be. When you really love someone, you start devoting a significant amount of your time and effort into making things work with that person, and before you know it, you’ve gone out so much that you find yourselves broke and scrambling to find some activity to do together. I’m here to help fix that dilemma. Here are five ideas for a budget date night.

1. TikTok Couples Challenge
Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past two years, you’ve noticed how popular TikTok has become. Among the trends that have made their way through the app is the Couples Challenge. This challenge involves you and your girlfriend or boyfriend taking a trip to your local retail store, like Wal-Mart or Target, and strolling down the candy, movie, potato chip, and frozen food isles. When you’re both at each isle, one person will close their eyes and wave their finger along the isle until the other person says to stop; at that point, whatever that person’s finger points to is what you’ll purchase. Once you’ve both done everything, you’ll go home, and enjoy a fun movie night!

2. Geocaching/Scavenger Hunt
An idea most couples often forget about is creating a scavenger hunt or going geocaching. Nothing spells adventure better than scouring through towns, stores, and maybe even the outdoors, in search of specific items. If you really want to get creative, you could even give yourselves time constraints to spice things up. Either way, you’re both in for an exciting date.

3. Hike and Picnic
One of the most underrated ideas for a date is to enjoy the natural beauty around you. Everywhere you go, you’re sure to find a park with trails that you and your date can take a stroll down while enjoying each other’s company. Before (or after) you hike down a trail, you and your person can find a nice shady spot where you have an outdoor picnic.

4. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane
When you and your partner find yourself struggling to have a well-organized date night, do something unusual: dig out those old photo albums. I know it might sound a bit strange but reminiscing about the past could present new conversations for the both of you to talk and laugh about all night.

5. Stargazing
I can’t think of a more aesthetically pleasing date than just laying out amongst the stars with the person you love. As long as the weather permits and it’s not cold outside, gazing up at the sky during nighttime will always be an excellent option for couples. Who could say no to a night just marveling at the countless stars above and possibly witnessing a shooting star?

For most of us college students, we are careful with our spending, which can complicate date plans. However, remember that love is not a complex concept. When two people love each other, they can embrace and cherish low-maintenance dates such as those I’ve mentioned. I hope I’ve provided you with perfect options for your next date!

by Jared Sandy

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