CU’s New Recruit Coming to WV from Texas

Photo by Kobe Nave, CU Student, Class of 2024

Concord University’s women’s basketball team has a new recruit from Houston, Texas. Aubree Casteel is a senior at Pasadena Memorial High School located in Pasadena, Texas. Currently she is averaging 15 points and 7 rebounds per game.

I asked her a few questions about Concord and what she thought about it:

Me: “Why did you chose Concord to come play basketball?”

“I chose concord because on my visit everything felt like home. I had great talks with all the girls and the coaches. They took me around the campus and to places nearby to see the sights of West Virginia. But overall, it was the girls who sold it to me. They preached about the team being a family and how everyone is always there for each other. I wanted that in my college career. I’m so happy with my choice.”

Aubree Casteel

Me: “How do you feel about coming all the way from Texas to play here?”

“I’m obviously nervous for that aspect, but when I talked to the coaches about it, they made great points as to why it might be good. When I think about it, I’m only young once and basketball has given me a great reason to travel where I want to and turned out to be West Virginia. It’s also beautiful here and so different than where I live. “

Aubree Casteel

Me: “How are the sights of Texas different form West Virginia?”

“I really had never seen mountains like West Virginias till I visited. I came in the fall, so it was obviously really pretty and scenic everywhere. Texas is majority flat so it’s a big change. The views were a big aspect as to why I chose it as well!”

Aubree Casteel

Aubree is planning on majoring in business with an emphasis in marketing in the upcoming fall term. She wants to be a sales agent for a company in the future. 

The Concord Women’s Basketball team would also like to welcome Hannah Perdue, Josie Montgomery, Taryn Blankenship, and Abbie Smith to the Lady Mountain Lions.

by Ashton Funderburg

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