Gov. Justice Allocates Funds for Nursing at Concord University

ATHENS, W.Va. – West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announces funding for nursing programs at three state schools, including Concord University. 

At his press conference today, Governor Justice said $48 million dollars from federal CARES Act money will be given to the Higher Education Policy Commission to distribute between Concord University, Glenville State College, and Bridge Valley Community and Technical College for the purpose of starting nursing programs at the institutions, as well as expanding Bridge Valley’s current nursing program.   

“For 150 years, Concord University has worked to meet the needs of West Virginia by training its teachers, business leaders, social workers, and professionals. As we continue to navigate life amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for health care workers is greater than ever, and Concord University is grateful for the opportunity to again serve the region and state by establishing a nursing program,”

Kendra Boggess, President of Concord University

Administrators, faculty and staff at Concord have already begun to work on curriculum for nursing, a new addition to Concord that President Boggess hopes will lead to other Allied Health degrees in the future. Healthcare programs being developed today will further support workforce needs in our hospitals and many other healthcare agencies in southern West Virginia and beyond.  

“Concord’s Nursing and Allied Health programs will also be considered economic drivers during a time when employing our graduates within the state is so important. I want to thank the Governor, legislators who encouraged and supported our request, and the Higher Education Policy Commission who have all helped us to begin the development of this program.”   

Kendra Boggess

As West Virginia faces nursing shortages and the number of COVID related hospitalizations reaches an all-time high, the governor hopes these new programs, in addition to incentives including scholarship programs for West Virginia nursing students, will help support current hospital staffs by flooding West Virginia with quality nurses. 


Lindsey Byars
Concord University

Office of Advancement                                                                                                                Dec. 21, 2021
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