CU Athletes Excited About Renovations to the Carter Center’s Gym Floor

This fall in Athens has brought a wide variety of changes in the Concord Campus, but one of the biggest is the reconstruction of the gym floor. While this is a major improvement for the university and the Athletic Department, it did take time, impacting the athletes who need the gym for pre-season practice. Regardless, the athletes are thrilled with the changes.  

Emilee Beggs and Maddisan Ratcliff are two members on the Concord Women’s Basketball team and they both expressed their excitement about the updated floor.  

“I really like the new floor, it is really cool to be here when they make a change that will last for a long time here at Concord.” 

Emilee Beggs

Ratcliff shared this happiness about the court by sharing what she likes the most about the court. 

“I think the new white letters at half court give it an entirely new look, and that is definitely my favorite part,”

Maddisan Ratcliff

There is no denying that a gym renovation during pre-season may slow down the normal flow of the basketball preseason. 

“The new floor is definitely a huge deal for us and the school which is great, but it for sure has changed our per-season.” 

Emilee Beggs

“We did have to learn to adapt to not having the normal gym, we got use to using gym two and the track more for conditioning,”

Maddisan Ratcliff

Though there were a lot of changes to their normal pre-season routine, both girls were adamant that they did not mind the delay. 

“Even with the changes, we all knew that the new gym was going to be awesome for us and the school,”

Emilee Beggs

Maddisan Ratcliff was on the same page with the positive outlook on their pre-season and its changes. 

“We definitely had to do things unconventionally, but we happily accepted the changes and we were patient knowing that it would benefit us and the school. The hardest part was waiting to finally see the new floor!” 

Maddisan Ratcliff

by Nakaila Gray

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