Five FREE Activities For Concord Students

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At some point, all of us Concord students have found ourselves with leisure time after class or after finishing our schoolwork for the week. We get back to our dorms and tell ourselves, “There’s nothing to do near campus that doesn’t require spending money.” Well, I’m here to inform you that there are plenty of activities you can do on or close to campus. Here are five free activities for Concord Students.

  1. Visit State Park
    Many Concord students don’t realize they have the luxury of being located near three West Virginia State Parks: Pipestem, Bluestone, and Camp Creek. All these parks exhibit the beauty of West Virginia’s natural scenery and wildlife, which feature many hiking trails that you can walk (or jog if you enjoy cardio) on throughout the year. For on-campus students, Pipestem is a 15-minute drive. Camp Creek and Bluestone are around 20 minutes. Any of the three would be great places to visit on the weekend or in your spare time.
  2. Out of the Box Escape Room
    As a Concord student, you have the perk of being able to go to the Out of the Box Escape Room for free every Thursday from 5-10 pm by showing workers your official Concord Student ID card. An escape room isa fun activity that requires you to apply common knowledge to items/objects you are given by the instructor of the game – as well as clues (varying on the length of your game) – and try to escape. Regardless of whether you escape in time (not literally), it’s a fun time you should experience with your friends. Located on 1207 Stafford Drive in Princeton, W.Va., Out of the Box Escape Room is less than 20 minutes from campus.
  3. Ritz Theatre
    If you’re a movie lover, this one’s for you. Each Friday, Concord students are allowed free admission into Ritz Theatre to watch a movie by showing their Concord Student ID. At 211 Ballengee Street in Hinton, W.Va., Ritz Theatre is just 30 minutes away from Concord by vehicle. If you live on-campus and find yourself bored and looking for something to do to kick off your weekend, consider the Ritz Theatre.
  4. Mountain State Miniature Golf and/or Outside-In Climbing Gym
    Undoubtedly, this activity may be the neatest free perk of being a Concord student. On Thursdays, Concord students can show their ID to play a free 18-hole round of mini and/or go to the climbing gym. The best part about these activities is that they are located right next to each other, so I strongly suggest entertaining the idea of doing one (or both) of these for an enjoyable Thursday evening. However, plan accordingly because it is a bit of a drive. Located on 1818 Harper Road in Beckley, W.Va., it’s about a 45-minute drive with tolls or an hour drive without tolls from campus.
  5. Concord On-Campus Student Activities
    Concord has many student activities students can get attend right on campus, no driving necessary. You’re probably thinking, “How do I find out about these events?” Well, one way to discover what’s happening on-campus is to download the Outlook app on an android or iPhone, enter your Concord student email and password, turn on your email notifications, and wait for emails displaying upcoming student activities on-campus, or when you get the app downloaded check your previous emails for upcoming student activities.

Another way to view things happening on-campus is by checking the official Concord University Events Calendar page. There are always new activities being added, so be sure to check out student activity events if you’re interested in finding something to do in your spare time.

There are many exciting things to do around Concord that are free for students. You just have to find one that piques your interest.  

by Jared Sandy

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