CU Students Fear Attending Campus Events Amidst COVID-19: Concord University Hopes to Alleviate Concerns by Following CDC Guidelines

Photo by Kobe Nave, CU Student, Class of 2024

With thirteen reported cases of COVID-19 on Concord University’s Athens campus, creating and attending events is especially challenging to both Andrew Sulgit, the Assistant Dean of Students, and Concord students.

Many events, this semester, are either online, or outside to maintain social distancing, and in accordance with the Return to Campus Plan, masks are required for all participants.

Attending events may take a back seat considering new Delta variants that are sweeping the globe, including West Virginia. Health officials reported 458 total cases since August 18th , including two in Mercer County.

Fears surrounding the spread of COVID-19 may prevent students from fully enjoying their time at Concord University sanctioned events. However, by following CDC guidelines, events on campus will be both safe and fun. Campus events will follow CDC guidelines, but administrators are encouraging students to get vaccinated against COVID-19 to increase the safety of the campus community.

“I 100 percent encourage students to get vaccinated. Since it will take the load off of worrying about COVID-19 and it will [help] limit the impact the Delta variant may have on students’ health.”

Andrew Sulgit, Assistant Dean of Students

It is important to remember that masks are required of all individuals regardless of vaccination status on campus. The number of events that will be open to the public are limited this year to reduce the exposure students have with the public to prevent the spread of the virus.

“Face Masks and face coverings are required in all CU indoor venues at this time. As members of the Concord community, it is a shared responsibility to keep one another safe by observing campus safety rules.”

Daniel Fitzpatrick, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Fitzpatrick also added, “The public is expected to follow the same guidelines and the leader or sponsor of a particular event is responsible for enforcement. The event organizer should ask participants to comply, and such participants may be excluded from participation in the event by the person in charge. Any such requests will be respectful and courteous.”

Student Life is taking every precaution to keep students as “safe as possible” when attending events and students should not worry when a last-minute change to a scheduled event occurs, since as Andrew Sulgit addressed, it is to make events “safer for everyone involved.”

According to the Return to Campus Plan, “79% of Concord University employees are fully vaccinated and Concord University [encourages] students to get vaccinated and continue to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms.”

As a reminder COVID-19 vaccinations are free, and for help finding a vaccination center near you go to .

by Grace Watson

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