Refreshed Dining Options Welcoming Concord Students for Fall Semester

ATHENS, W.Va. – When Concord University students hit campus for the Fall 2021 semester, they’ll find an updated food court in the Jean and Jerry Beasley Student Center. Subway has undergone a big facelift that’s part of the restaurant chain’s “Eat Fresh Refresh” campaign and the former Wing Span location is transitioning to an innovative food lab.

The current remodel at Concord is part of Subway’s corporate-wide store makeover project, according to Randy Keaton, director of Concord’s dining services on behalf of the Aramark Corporation. Keaton explains that “Aramark owns the franchise to have a Subway on campus.”

Work began in May of this year and has continued throughout the summer. Along with fresh paint and wallpaper, the renovated eatery also sports new signage and equipment including a new bread baking oven. The sandwich prep area is new, Keaton says, and a second serving line is being added that “should speed up service.”

Physical upgrades aren’t the only changes. Subway’s updated menu will be rolled out at Concord with the restaurant’s new look.

Subway before remodel
Remodel in progress
Refreshed signage

Exciting changes are also in store for the space adjoining Subway. The site, which previously held Wing Span, is being converted into to a “food lab”, an innovative dining option provided by Aramark. Keaton says Concord is leading the way nationally in offering students the concept that “rotates menus every two to three weeks.”

“You may have a Mexican restaurant one week, an Italian restaurant another and Asian noodle bowls the next. There are 27 different restaurants that will rotate in and out…students can vote on their favorites.”

Randy Keaton

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