Concord University Chemistry Awarded Equipment Grant

ATHENS, W.Va. – The chemistry program at Concord University has been awarded a $20,000 grant from West Virginia Science and Research. The funding was used to acquire and install a microwave synthesis reactor. This instrument allows students to accelerate chemical reactions using microwaves.

“The newly acquired microwave synthesizer will be used extensively for laboratory teaching and research in introductory through upper-level chemistry courses,”

Dr. Rodney Tigaa, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

“For example, laboratory experiments involving chemical reactions that will typically take hours to occur can now be accomplished with the instrument in just a few seconds to minutes. This will allow ample time for students and faculty to focus on the reaction mechanisms and key concepts involved in the experiments, as well as problem-solving,” he said.

“The instrument will enhance the laboratory experiences and education of CU students by providing them with opportunities to conduct microwave chemistry research and gain knowledge/skills that will be beneficial for technical careers. This could lead to the recruitment of more CU students to STEM graduate programs.”

Dr. Rodney Tigaa

Dr. Tigaa served as the lead investigator and author of the grant proposal in collaboration with Drs. Alexander Rupprecht, Hong Yin, and Darrell Crick.

The chemistry program at Concord University is housed in the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences and prepares students for careers in science, health, and pharmacy. For additional information, please click here.

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