Concord University Updates COVID-19 Testing Results

ATHENS, W.Va. –  More than half of the results of state-mandated COVID-19 testing for higher education institutions have been returned to officials at Concord University. At this point, only two positive cases have been reported. 

Concord University tested 1,556 individuals over a three day period beginning on August 12th. Currently, the University has results for 1,083 members of faculty, staff, and students. Two positive cases of those tested at Concord represents 0.18 percent of the reported results.

Those affected, and others who have had close contact with the individuals who tested positive, have been contacted and will quarantine for at least 14 days.

“In terms of a baseline, our initial results reflect a positive starting point to the semester. However, it is essential that all faculty, staff, and students continue to strictly follow the safety protocols in place so that Concord University can keep our number of positive cases low. If we work together, we can keep the campus and community safe this semester,”

Dr. Kendra Boggess, President of Concord University

A small number of other campus community members self-reported positive results from other testing sources—two reported prior to returning to campus, and one other returned home prior to classes beginning.

“I am grateful our campus members are taking their self-reporting responsibility seriously, and I encourage everyone to closely monitor their health and alert the Student Health Center if they exhibit any COVID related symptoms,”

Dr. Kendra Boggess

On campus testing was conducted by QLabs, a Charleston, W.Va. based company. Concord University’s Student Health Center is prepared to continue testing throughout the semester should students exhibit symptoms. For more information regarding Concord’s COVID-19 operations protocol, please visit the university website at   

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