COVID-19 Focused Chatbot Deployed By Concord University Information Technology

ATHENS, W.Va. – Sophisticated technology now being utilized by Concord University allows 24/7 access to information on the coronavirus pandemic. Called CU_Bot, the recently launched software is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence.

“Concord University Information Technology deployed a COVID-19 focused chatbot to assist in keeping the campus community informed on COVID-19 and Concord’s response,” says Cayce Will, Chief Information Officer.

“Chatbots are incredibly sophisticated software powered by artificial intelligence systems designed to emulate human interaction. A chatbot, being entirely software, can serve questions and answer 24/7, 365. This improves our ability to reach and communicate with our students, faculty, staff, and community members.”

Cayce Will

While the chatbot is an exciting addition to communications for Concord, Will explains there are limitations to the technology. 

“No chatbot or artificial intelligence has all the answers,” he says. “In the event that our chatbot is stumped, the person engaging the chatbot will be given the option to either submit their question for a human being to review or to speak with a live agent if one is currently on-line.”

Will says chatbots are “increasingly popular with higher education” and Concord plans to utilize this technology beyond the pandemic. 

“This initial chatbot is oriented to COVID-19, but our plans are to expand the usage of the chatbot system to offer 24/7 services for major University areas such as Enrollment, Student Services, Financial Aid, and Advancement,” he says.

Visit to check out CU_Bot and ask COVID-19 related questions. 


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