Become Advocates for Education in Our Society

ATHENS, W.Va. – Concord College held their second annual fall commencement in the Main Auditorium of the Alexander Fine Arts Center, Saturday, December 16, 2000. William J. Ofsa served as grand marshal for the ceremonies, with Mary Edna Beckett serving as marshal. Both marshal and grand marshal titles are bestowed to faculty who have the greatest length of service to the College. In addition to Ofsa and Beckett, more than 120 faculty members joined Concord College candidates for graduation, and their family and friends to celebrate students’ achievements.

President Jerry Beasley told the candidates that:

“I admire your accomplishments because you have done it with great challenges and you have worked long hours to earn your way through Concord College.”

Jerry Beasley, Concord College President

The Honorable Homer K. Ball, member of the West Virginia Senate said:

“Today, you start down a new pathway. The education you received at Concord will smooth out that road to some extent.”

Homer K. Ball

Faculty President Charles H. Brichford told the students to “become advocates for education in our society.” James M. Brown, chairperson of the board of advisors for Concord College, and Mary Edna Beckett, treasurer of the College’s alumni association provided additional words of encouragement to the candidates for graduation.

Amy Elizabeth Coleman, valedictorian to the College stated:

“As a nontraditional student who is receiving a second degree today, I remember my emotions on my first graduation day. Elation, excitement, relief, sadness, and fear. While I was excited about the completion of my graduation requirements, I was sad to leave the friends and acquaintances I had made over the last four years. Also, it frightened me to be leaving the security of college and entering the job market. While I still possess some of these feelings, I appreciate the fact that many of my fellow graduates possess them today. I urge you to take all of these feelings in stride and bravely trek on. Remember, no matter what cards are dealt to you, you possess the skills, courage and perseverance to cope with such happenings.”

Amy Elizabeth Coleman, Concord College Valedictorian

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