Speaker Draws from Personal Experience in Presentation at Concord

ATHENS, W.Va. – Bluefield State College’s Dr. Juanita Loundmon-Clay spoke to a group of interested students, staff and faculty on November 28 at Concord College about preventing domestic abuse and sexual assault. Dr. Loundmon-Clay, a psychologist, is the dean of student affairs at Bluefield State College and a survivor of domestic violence. She has coordinated domestic violence shelters and counseled victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Dr. Loundmon-Clay addressed some of the sociological factors that contribute to domestic violence and also discussed the need for both victims and their abusers to be counseled. She offered advice to audience members on combating domestic and sexual violence on campus and in their own lives; she also encouraged fraternities to get involved, helping to combat sexual violence.

The College has a newly formed Sexual Assault Committee, which is chaired by Rick Dillon, director, housing and residence life. The goal of the new committee is to educate students on sexual violence prevention and how to react in case of an emergency. Dr. Loundmon-Clay offered specifics to committee members who were in attendance that might contribute to their success.

Dr. Loundmon-Clay’s appearance at Concord was arranged by Dr. Debbie Curry, interim director of student affairs, at the suggestion of Dr. Delilah Conley an English professor who is a member of the Sexual Assault Committee.

“Dr. Debbie Curry was very helpful. Dr. Loundmon-Clay is a really powerful speaker. She offered valuable suggestions to Mr. Dillon and to the campus.”

Dr. Delilah Conley

For more information on preventing domestic violence or avoiding sexual assault call 1-304-384-5261, or e-mail conleydf@concord.edu.


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Jessica Shifflett, a student in Concord College’s Communication Arts Department wrote this press release. Her hometown is Oak Hill, WV. She is majoring in Communication Arts and her anticipated graduation date is May 2001.

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