Arizona Residents Establish Scholarship at Concord

ATHENS, W.Va. – In recognition of the lifetime commitment of Clyde and Elizabeth Maxey to education, and their devotion to Concord College, Donald E. and Lois Maxey Rosenow recently established the Clyde and Elizabeth Maxey Scholarship at Concord College.

The scholarship will be awarded to an academically talented student and will be used to pay toward the student’s tuition and fees. Qualifying students will be eligible for the scholarship for eight consecutive regular semesters.

Mrs. Rosenow is a 1955 graduate of Concord College and received her masters degree from Valparaiso University (Indiana). She recently retired from a career as a public school teacher.

“Both my parents devoted their lives to teaching and helping children,” stated Mrs. Rosenow. “Education and faith were their guiding principles. My father was a superintendent of Mercer County Schools and district supervisor for numerous years. He also taught and was a principal at Springton Junior High near Matoaka. Mother taught school while raising her family. My parents, as well as their six children received undergraduate degrees from Concord. Our entire family also received terminal (either masters or doctoral) degrees so you can see education is a high priority in our family.”

Mrs. Lois Maxey Rosenow

“My concern,” continued Rosenow, “is that some student would not be able to go to college because of financial constraints and we wanted to help. This scholarship will help one student at a time.”

“Concord College would not be in the position we are in today without the financial support of our alumni. The College depends on alumni and friends of the College to help future generations of students achieve their dreams. Many of our students would not have an opportunity to attend Concord if our alumni and friends did not support education by funding scholarships. We are pleased Mr. and Mrs. Rosenow wanted to establish this scholarship and thank them for their generous contribution.”

J. Douglas Machesney, Vice President for Development


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