Interim Board of Advisors Meet at Concord College

ATHENS, W.Va. – As part of the reform of the state higher education system, Governor Cecil H. Underwood named boards of advisors that will provide direction for West Virginia’s 13 colleges and universities for the next year.

Concord College’s Board of Advisors met Monday, October 23rd, 2000, to begin the process of understanding Concord’s challenges and mission and prepare to assume their roles as members of Concord’s board.

Concord’s Board of Advisors includes: Daniel C. Dunmyer, Princeton, W.Va.; J. Franklin Long, Bluefield, W.Va.; James L. Miller, Princeton, W.Va.; James M. Brown, Daniels, W.Va.; Dwight D. Dials, Beckley, W.Va.; Margaret Sayre, Beckley, W.Va.; R.T. “Ted” Rogers, Hinton, W.Va.; Eugene V. Fife, Charlottesville, Va., and Wayne Meisel, Princeton, N.J. Their terms will end June 30, 2001. Concord’s board also includes: faculty representative Charles H. Brichford, student representative Luke Peters, and classified employee representative Linda Martin.

President Jerry L. Beasley welcomed the board by saying:

“Each of you brings expertise that can help move us ahead, and I appreciate your willingness to serve. My expectation is that you will stretch us and challenge us to be a more responsive institution.”

Jerry L. Beasley

The President’s cabinet members presented a brief outline of their areas of responsibility to the board. Cabinet members include: Vice President and Academic Dean Dean W. Turner; Director of the Beckley Center William A. O’Brien; Human Resources Administrator and Interim Director of Student Affairs Deborah H. Curry; Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid Michael S. Curry; Vice President for Development J. Douglas Machesney and Vice President for Finance James L. Cannon.


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