Concord College Alpha Chi Chapter Meets

ATHENS, W.Va. – The West Virginia Beta Chapter of the Alpha Chi Honor Society met in the seminar room of the Marsh Memorial Library to open the 2000-2001 school year and to elect the officers who will direct the Society for the coming year.

Elected president of the chapter was Cindy Boyce, West Union, W.Va. Secretary/Treasurer of the chapter will be Heather Sowards, Princeton, W.Va., and Judith Mwamuka of Bulawayo, Tanzania, will serve as chapter conference delegate.

President-Elect Boyce introduced the faculty co-sponsers this year. They are: Dr. Carol “Kaz” Manzione, first assistant sponsor and Dr. Jim Lile , second assistant sponsor. Dr. Stephen Rowe is chapter sponsor.

Chapter members set November 27 as the induction date for new members to the Society and established that gold Alpha Chi medallions on blue and green ribbons would be presented to Alpha Chi members upon graduation from Concord. The members also voted to establish a committee to study revision of the chapter constitution as well as appointing Jatin Atre and Walter Sullivan to design and maintain a website for the West Virginia Beta Chapter.

Since there is high interest in the new higher education bill for West Virginia state colleges and universities, the chapter voted to sponsor a campus speaker who would present the important issues contained in this new bill. The chapter will publicize this event and open the speaking session to all members of the Concord College community.

Alpha Chi is a national honor society with chapters at over 300 American colleges and universities. Concord College was granted a Alpha Chi chapter in 1969, so this year represents the Society’s 31st year on campus. More than 500 Concord students have been elected to membership in Alpha Chi since the founding of the West Virginia Beta Chapter.

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