Stats Show Favorable Performance for Concord College

ATHENS, W.Va. – The State College System of West Virginia recently released its statistical profile of higher education for 1999-2000. The profile provides detailed information about programs offered, degrees conferred, faculty and staff characteristics and fiscal data for the state’s colleges and universities.

Several charts noted favorable trends for Concord College, specifically (1) full-time equivalent enrollment (FTE) and (2) the highest percent of funds spent for instruction as a percent of education and general (E&G) expenditures, when compared with other state institutions.

Concord’s increase in full-time equivalent enrollment, one of the benchmarks used for comparison shows a 23 percent increase from fall 1995 to fall 1999. In real numbers, FTE enrollment has increased from 2,105 to 2,597, making Concord the fastest growing institution in West Virginia. Concord President Jerry Beasley noted that:

“The generosity of donors has enabled Concord College to build an endowment most of which is dedicated to scholarships. The scholarships, in turn, have provided an opportunity for students to attend Concord.”

Jerry Beasley

Final numbers for the fall 2000 enrollment are not yet available, however, it appears that the enrollment growth trend continues at Concord.

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