Concord College “R&D” Corporation Will Benefit Students, Academic Community and the Public

ATHENS, W.Va. – Colleges and universities nationwide have the authorization to establish corporations to benefit students, the academic community and the public. The corporations—typically called Research and Development Corporations (R&DC)—give the institution the capability to manage grants and other funding without the bureaucracy state regulators impose. R&DCs are non-profit and do not issue stock.

Concord College just celebrated the one-year anniversary of its R&DC (incorporated July 28, 1999) according to Director of Sponsored Programs, Tim Oxley.

“Concord’s R&DC was organized to serve the college community in a variety of ways. Primarily, the Corporation will serve as a fiscal agent for grants and other funding for education, research, public service, economic development, training or creative activities. Head Start, which serves the residents of Hinton, in Summers County, is one program managed by the R&DC. Children who attend are exposed to a preschool educational curriculum and services that help them grow intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially. Currently, we manage seven programs with a budget of about $500,000. In addition to Head Start, the R&DC manages Healthy Hearts (an instructional module for 5th grade students), Early Childhood Alliance (education training program), two mapping projects, two bird habitat studies and a weatherization program.”

Tim Oxley

“People ask me about the difference between our R&DC and Concord’s Foundation,” continued Oxley. “The Foundation supports the College’s fundraising activities which provide funds for student scholarships, faculty support, equipment and facilities. The R&D Corporation allows us to manage grants we receive.”

The R&D Corporation will also coordinate the development of proposals for the solicitation of grant funds for programs and activities which help to further the mission and educational objectives of Concord.

Concord College President Jerry Beasley serves as Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

“The R&D Corporation provides Concord with the means to be innovative and creative in pursuing our primary missions of education, research, and public service,” Beasley said. “The research and other activities engaged by Concord’s faculty members provide opportunities for students to become directly involved—allowing for ‘hands-on’ learning. The faculty member whose knowledge and experience is deepened through research takes this experience into the classroom and enhances the learning experience of our students.”

Jerry Beasley

Board members appointed by President Beasley include: Dr. J. Douglas Machesney, vice president for development; Dr. Dean W. Turner, vice president for academic affairs; Dr. William O’Brien, director of the Beckley Center; Mr. James L. Cannon, vice president for business and finance; Dr. Joseph Manzo, professor of geography and chair of the division of social sciences; Dr. Christopher Ziemnowicz, associate professor of business; Ms. Gina Sturgill, associate professor of accounting; Dr. Marjie Flannigan, director of student support services; and Dr. John D. Smith, associate professor of social work and director of social work program.

“The Board is responsible for developing the policies and guiding the Corporation to become a major partner in Concord’s future. Our one-year anniversary denotes the achievement of the Corporation as an active and productive partner of the College,” Oxley said. Oxley also serves as Executive Director of the Board of Directors.

The Corporation holds periodic meetings to renew projects and administrative processes.

For more information, contact Tim Oxley at 1-304-255-0793, or e-mail


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